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Distance Learning

All of the most up to date resources and information for distance learning during the COVID-19 shutdown can be found on this page. Below are links to our online learning/communication platforms, learning packet downloads and email address for teachers and school leaders to make communication during this time as easy as possible.
Choose the appropriate link from the list below to download the learning packet for your grade level. The goal of these packets is to keep our students engaged in learning during the COVID-19 shutdown. Return packet with completed cover sheet. 
 Contact Emails
 SIC: Ms. Cook                                       
Kindergarten: Ms. Taylor      
1st grade: Mrs. L. Brooks      
1st grade: Ms. S. Robinson   
2nd grade: Ms. R. Owens      
2nd grade: Ms. K. Williams   
3rd grade: Ms. K. Moon         
3rd grade: Ms. E. LeFlore       
4th grade: Ms. D. Morris        
4th/5th grade: Ms. T. Norman
5th grade: Mr. D. Cunningham
6th grade: Mr. M. McConnell
7th/8th grade: Ms. R. Crockett
7th/8th grade: Ms. L. Crawford
*If you do not have access to Dojo yet email your teacher or SIC for a parent code.