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Redford Service Learning Academy Senior Instructional Coach: Gregory Hurst



I would like to introduce myself to the students and families of Redford Service Learning Academy. I am Gregory Hurst and I currently have the pleasure of serving as principal for RSLA. As the acting administrator on the campus, I feel that it is my core responsibility to ensure that all students achieve the academic goal of excellence in a setting where staff is invested in their success, and within an environment that supports learning through perseverance. For nearly a decade I have worked in the education field as an administrator and strategic partner for schools, helping them to climb out of the bottom 5% of performing schools in metro Detroit. A few of my accomplishments over the years have been improving graduation rates in the Westwood School District, and helping several schools move off of the State of Michigan’s bottom 5% performing schools list. Prior to working with RSLA I served as the Director of Personalized Learning for the Michigan Technical Academy middle school.  


Early in my professional career I knew that working with our youth in an educational capacity was of high interest to me. Once I began a career in education I was hooked, but as an administrator in the turnaround environment I quickly realized that there is a strong case for education reform.  My focus is on developing a culture that creates a sustainable environment of high academic achievement in underperforming schools. More specifically, focusing on human capital, including whom we are recruiting and how we develop and evaluate staff and the environment in schools. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology, I have a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Michigan and hold an Education Specialist Degree in Education Leadership from Oakland University. I am a married father of two wonderful children. If I am not on the water or in the woods, you might find me building something or enjoying friends and family. I look forward to working hard to educate each and every student that walks through my doors to be empowered with the mental drive to achieve their personal dreams. 


No Child Left Behind!

The Detroit Service Learning Academy takes pride in servicing all students and is especially proud of the progress that has been made within its Special Education department with students. The model that is practiced at the Detroit Service Learning Academy is that of “full inclusion,” which encourages General Education and Special Education teachers to work together for the common good of all students. The Special Education teachers collaborate with the General Education teachers within the general education classroom setting to reach all students. In addition, the Special Education teachers conduct small group sessions to reinforce concepts taught during general education classes.

Our Special Education Department consists of a Special Education Director, School Social Worker, Speech and Language Therapist, Psychologist, seven Special Education teachers, and five Special Education Paraprofessionals. 

The Detroit Service Learning Academy determines theexistence of a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) by using a four part process, identifying a Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) called the Aptitude Achievement Consistency Model which is based on the Cattell Horn-Carroll Theory (CHC). A more detailed approach to this model can be accessed through the Wayne County RESA website.